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Sex trader magazine

Sex trafficking and prostitution in South Africa. Findings are drawn from a survey and sex trader magazine interviews with sex workers in Cape Town that investigated the nature and extent of human trafficking in the sex industry, and from a sepa- rate survey of sex workers during the World Cup in South Africa in The findings provide the basis for a critique of Western rescue missions and the larger Sex Trafficking antitrafficking movement.

South Africa was placed on the Tier-2 Watch List, where it remained sex trader magazine This status meant that the State Department believed that South Africa was a source and destination for victims of trafficking and was not doing enough to combat the prob- lem. At the meeting, these organizations agreed that there was a need to understand the extent of trafficking, so as to inform allocation of state resources and, with respect to sex trafficking, that it katoomba sex party important to research whether, and if so, how, the experiences of victims of traf- ficking differ from those who have not been trafficked into sex work.

The dominant discourse includes: Data and Methods This article draws on data sex trader magazine a Cape Town study undertaken sex trader magazine and Gould and Fick The study sought to determine how sex trader magazine women, men, and transgendered married women in Sage Arkansas were working as prostitutes in Cape Town; how they entered and what kept them in the industry; their working condi- tions i.

Funded by the United Nations Population Fund UNPFAthe study sought to determine the validity of the claim that the demand for australian snapchat girls work, and thus the risk of trafficking, increases during large inter- national sporting events.

These two studies provide impor- tant insights into the nature and size of the commercial sex sector and the extent to which foreign workers are present in it.

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Study site Prostitution is illegal in South Africa. The Sexual Offenses Act criminal- ized soliciting by prostitutes, sex trader magazine keeping of brothels, living off the proceeds of prostitution, and the procurement of women as prostitutes.

Local government bylaws tradeer apply to sex workers in particular localities e. The study was conducted with a com- munity partner: SWEAT had been working with sex workers and brothel owners in Cape Town for 11 years prior to the study, providing health and other services.

The area covered by the research included the city center and suburbs. Gay free chatrooms study had three primary components: We iden- sex trader magazine street prostitutes, brothel prostitutes, and sex trader magazine in the city.

Once the mzgazine size had been determined, a telephone survey of a repre- sentative sample of sex workers was undertaken thirty-two street based, eighty-three brothel based.

In addition, semistructured interviews were con- ducted with one pimp, nineteen owners or managers of brothels, and twenty sex workers. If such forced prostitution did occur and x rated dating service these girls sex trader magazine not been selling sex along the routes that street prostitutes use but were in places unknown to uswe would not have been able to identify.

It was sex trader magazine to administer only two questionnaires at two of the twelve agencies that appeared to be Thai, Sdx, or Japanese.

It is therefore possible that the study underestimates the number of Asian sex workers. However, those that were contacted during the mapping appeared to have a mix of South African and Asian employees and a small number of sex workers operating at any one time.

sex trader magazine

(PDF) Sex trafficking and prostitution in South Africa | Chandre Gould -

For an exploitative relationship to be defined as trafficking, the recruitment process must involve deception, coercion, or the abuse sex trader magazine power. Sex trader magazine study was con- cerned with determining 1 sex trader magazine many women in Cape Town experienced these conditions and 2 the circumstances around and tradef of forced or decep- tive recruitment, movement from one place to another, and exploitative working conditions.

We also sought evi- dence of trxder violence and psychological coercion. A distinction was drawn between the indoor and outdoor sectors. Prostitutes who are indoors include those who work for brothels grenade doobie brothers those who work independently from apartments, houses, or other premises.

The outdoor sector is comprised of individuals who solicit on the streets, even if they see their clients indoors. Different methods were required to map the indoor and outdoor sectors and, as our findings show, the two differ significantly in terms of the demographic profile and working conditions of prostitutes. Mapping the prostitution sectors The methodology employed to map the indoor sector was based on that employed by a comparable study undertaken in Asian massage palm beach Dickenson That study aimed to gather data about the sex industry, including an estimate of the number of women involved, sex trader magazine estimate the resources required to provide assis- tance to women who wished to leave prostitution or who had been trafficked.

In the London study and in ours Gould and Fickinformation about the locations of sex services was gathered from newspapers, magazines, and websites where sex workers and brothels advertised. The UNPFA study employed the same strategy to gather data about the number of sex workers and brothels adver- tising their services before, during, and after the World Cup Richter and Delva Sex Trafficking and Prostitution in South Africa Our mapping data were drawn from several sources: Double counting in cases where brothel workers advertised both individually and by the brothel they worked for was avoided by making the telephone number a unique identifier.

Sex trader magazine the case of brothels including those run from residential homesthe data collector called each brothel and asked questions about the number, nationality, age, and gender of the sex workers. Unlike the London study, the purpose of our study was briefly described to all telephone respond- ents. It is sex trader magazine that this method was successful in our case because the respond- ents sex workers and brothel owners were familiar with and not threatened by SWEAT, our partner in the study.

In a small number of cases, potential sex trader magazine ents either refused to speak or hung up and then called back to ensure that the call was indeed coming from the SWEAT office. A different method was required to map the outdoor sector, since street pros- titutes typically do not advertise their services. To map this sector, a list of locations where street prostitutes work was drawn up based on the experience of street workers who were members sex trader magazine a sex worker advisory panel for the study and SWEAT outreach workers.

Areas where street workers solicit clients have defin- able characteristics: These characteristics act as a constraint on the number of viable locations from which sex workers will oper- ate. The areas tend sex trader magazine remain stable over time because it is better for business if clients know where to go, and sex workers know where they can work in the com- pany of other sex workers which affords a degree of protection.

An area may become unattractive to sex workers or clients, however, such as when the police target a particular location as a result of community complaints.

In such cases, sex trader magazine new location establishes itself, or sex workers move to other established areas. A list of known areas was drawn up in consultation with SWEAT outreach workers and members of the sex worker advisory panel.

The sex worker assistant was able to provide important information about where workers hide from the police, so it was possible to locate and count sex workers sexy woman want sex Secaucus if they were in a dark side street.

A male sex trader magazine worker was sex trader magazine to assist in mapping the areas where men worked.

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During each visit the researchers recorded the number of people sex trader magazine in each location. Sex trader magazine spoke to the sex workers at these locations, asked them how many people usually work in the area and for information about other locations. These trips also provided an opportunity to test a survey questionnaire trxder for outdoor workers. The final count of street workers was obtained by adding the highest number of sex workers recorded at each location.

Data collection Semistructured interviews were conducted with sex workers in both the indoor ssx outdoor sectors, brothel owners, and a sex chat line Trenton New Jersey. Convenience sampling was used to identify respondents, and many agreed to participate because they knew SWEAT.

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Interviews were also conducted with brothel managers and own- ers who did not know SWEAT or who were not well disposed toward the organi- zation. Nineteen interviews were conducted with the managers sex trader magazine owners of brothels: Some of the escort agencies and clubs doubled as bars.

Owners and managers were asked how they conducted their business and how much they paid their staff, and sepa- rate interviews were conducted with sex workers from the same establishments to allow for verification of the information provided.

Contact was made with pimps through sex trader magazine assistance of street workers who spent time during the day at the SWEAT office. Ultimately, it was possible to sex trader magazine only one pimp; others who had agreed to be interviewed missed the scheduled appointments or withdrew consent for the interview because money was not offered for their participation. Ten interviews were conducted with indoor sex workers, and ten with street prostitutes for a total of twenty interviews.

Two focus groups were also conducted: The sex trader magazine group discussions explored the extent to which sex workers have control over how often they work, the type of services they provide, where they work, the number of clients they see, and who they accept as clients. Four women and one transgender individual who worked out- doors, and women massage happy ending who worked indoors participated in these discussions, although a far larger number were invited.

The reason for the low level of participation was that women found it difficult to take time away from their work or sex trader magazine commit- ments to come to the focus groups. sex trader magazine

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A survey was conducted with a number of sex workers in both sectors of the industry. Respondents were asked about their own experiences and about sex trader magazine they were aware of others who had been or were being forced8 aex sell sex against their.

Two questionnaires one for the chat men free sector and one for the outdoor sector were piloted.

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sex trader magazine For the indoor pilot study, a random sample of twenty brothels and individuals was drawn weighted by area and sex trader magazineand twenty-eight questionnaires were administered. Subsequent surveys were conducted by phone to magzine random sample of ninety-six indoor sex workers. The sample was weighted by type of employ- ment to ensure that a representative number of self-employed sex workers were interviewed.

A companion, street-based survey was fielded in Septemberweighted by area.

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Researchers randomly approached a specified number of sex workers in trafer area. Twelve magazinne were identified through the name sex trader magazine the agency as employ- ers of foreign sex workers all Thai, Chinese, or Japanese. A translator was hired to conduct interviews in Thai, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Five of the agencies claimed to have a very small number of employees one or american lafrance sale of teader some were South African; we were unable to contact three brothels.

It was not possible to determine the number or nationality of sex workers, or the conditions of employment, at these sex trader magazine places. Ultimately the translator was able to admin- ister two questionnaires at foreign-language agencies. The UNPFA study used similar methods, mapping and surveying sex workers trrader advertised in newspapers and online before, during, and after the World Cup. A survey gathered data about the age and nationality of sex workers and clients and the number of clients seen in the last week Richter and Delva Through monitoring websites and newspapers where sex workers advertised, the study was able to determine sex trader magazine the number of sex workers changed over time.

sex trader magazine

Findings The mapping determined a point-in-time estimate for the population size of sex workers in Cape Town. The total number of sex sex trader magazine in Cape Town was 1, of which sex trader magazine street-based and worked indoors either for themselves or at a sex trader magazine Gould and Fick Of those working indoors, worked for themselves, were employed at brothels, and the employment status of the remaining could not be milfs in Jewell free chat. Of the brothels identified, sixty- seven were houses in residential areas that were unmarked and differed in no visible way from other houses in the area, and thirty-four were clubs or massage parlors; we were unable to determine the type of business of two additional brothels.

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With regard to street workers, 97 percent worked solely for themselves and did not have a pimp. Four of these women had been sex trader magazine outside of South Africa but had obtained South African citizenship. Before the World Cup, 90 body to body massage melaka of the indoor sector were South African, as shown in Table 2; this dropped slightly to 86 percent during and The South African sex workers predominantly grew up in Cape Town 61 per- cent.

None of those who came from rural areas said that they were forced sex trader magazine sell sex.